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8U-Fx Electrolyzed Water Generator

$ 41,900.00
$ 41,800.00

It can electrolyze tap water into different types of water, such as alkaline water, purified water a

Alkaline water

pH8.5-9.9 initial drinking

pH8.5-9.0 alkaline water can improve the stomach

pH9.0-9.3 can be used for general drinking, cooking or making tea and rice.

pH9.3-9.5 for cooking or brewing beverages.

pH 9.5-9.9 for cooking soup and cleaning the fishy and astringent smell of ingredients.

Purified water pH7.0

Make milk for young children to drink and take medicine.

Acidic water pH4.5-6.0

Wash face and beauty instead of toner and aftershave, and can be bathed and shampooed (conditioner effect). After cooking the noodles, cool the water and boil the eggs.

Strong alkaline water pH9.9 or higher

Instead of detergent, it can clean pesticides on fruits and vegetables, wash off the anti-corrosion layer on rice, food stains, oil stains on tableware, and remove toilet and bathroom dirt. ※Do not drink

Strong acidic water pH2.4-2.7 (hypochlorous acid water)

For cleaning and disinfection: 1. Cutting board 2. Tea set, tableware and other stubborn stains 3. Wash hands and rinse mouth 4. Disinfect wounds and clean them. ※Do not drink