• 8U-S Household Steam Disinfection System image

8U-S Household Steam Disinfection System

$ 39,900.00
$ 39,800.00

- Utilize high temperature, steam and pressure to decompose dirt faster than hot water and chemicals

- No need to use chemical cleaners
- Environmentally friendly 9.0 bar maximum pressure
- Lightest and stylish appearance
- fast and effective
- Safety Application Technology

application area
Indoor: bedroom/ kitchen/ dining room/ toilet/ bathroom/ living room
Mattresses, windows, hard floors, carpets, blinds, exhaust fans, faucets, tiles, ovens, stoves, sinks, toilet seats, drains, etc.
Outside: patio/vehicle
BBQ Grills, Canopies, Deck Floors, Patio Sets, Canopies, Vehicle Engines, Vehicle Roofs, Vehicle Cages, Vehicle Windows, etc.