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8U-M Majestic Indoor Cleaning System

$ 41,800.00
$ 39,800.00

The patented conical filter design maintains strong cleaning power for a long time. Effectively filt

- Enhanced cleaning power

- More sophisticated than HEPA filtration

- Brand new lightweight, motor-driven high-frequency beater

- Original Bagless Cyclonic Action design

- Various attachments for easy cleaning

- Brand new self-fastening interface

- Durable and elegant appearance

Original Bagless Cyclonic Action System

The motor is designed in a conical shape, and high-speed operation forms a strong tornado, which makes all kinds of dust inhaled form a tornado rotation, and the dust is piled up on the container wall by centrifugal force, and the container will not cause the loss of suction before the dust is full. Strong suction can be maintained until the end.

Filter authoritative Lydair's patented filter paper surpasses the HEPA standard to filter out particles as small as 0.1 microns, and the cleaning efficiency is as high as 99.98%.

Pure physical structure design process, no secondary pollution. Medipure ™ Nonwoven Microfiber Activated Carbon Filter can filter over 300 odorants.